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Cut the cord from Cable TV



-Hundreds of add-ons give you UNLIMITED and FREE access to the latest movies, TV shows, LIVE news broadcasts, LIVE sports, and much more with stunning HD. FREE first run movies – including those still in the theater FREE sports PPV events, including those from the WWE, UFC, TNA. No more time limitations or channel package limitations. -Watch WHAT you want WHEN you want it! Almost EVERY TV SHOW AND MOVIE EVER MADE are available. . . FOR FREE!

The bundle includes: 

1 Microcomputer (fits in the palm of your hand)

1 AV cable; (optional HDMI hookup on the box, HDMI cable not included)

1 power cable/adapter;  

1 Wireless Remote Control Controller; 

1 user manual; 

1 video CD detailing step by step of EVERYTHING you need. There are 6 videos!!! Requirements: HDTV, High Speed Internet, Wired or Wireless Connection (If using WiFi use a wireless router capable of streaming HD video content

DISCLAIMER:  We are not responsible for slow performance or technical issue which can be caused by your internet connection and associated routers and networking setup, any anti-virus programs you may have installed which may be blocking content, integrity of the plugins and repositories which enable content to be streamed, accessibility of services at any time, costs of upgrading to a more reliable streaming host, configuration settings and or proxy settings.

Contact:  917-416-1404  or  347-609-5044 


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