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The Blaylock Consulting Group with over 20 years experience can help your business get the financing it needs. Need money to Hire new staff, a new marketing campaign, or need to expand to bring in more revenue. We can help! Find out today if you qualify for one of our many business loan programs. Never any upfront fees, low interest rates, and fast approvals. We want to help you expand, hire more employees... 


These days it takes the right team to properly structure the right financing for large projects from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000 or more. We offer comprehensive solutions to commercial financing needs that are often unavailable to banks or traditional commercial channels. Our team has the experience and access to funding to successfully analyze and fund your project. We can cater to your unique circumstances... 

Nelson Financial Services LLC

Are you receiving payments? We pay a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement, annuity payments and lottery winnings. Call today for a FREE QUOTE! Tel: 347-585-2561 Fax: 877-804-2725 We offer fast courteous service and to show our appreciation, we will give you $100 Gift CARD if you except our QUOTE and process with us.  Read More →

Brooklyn Pennysaver

With unemployment at a 25-year high, theres never been a better opportunity in the¬†advertising industry. Businesses and service providers need to reach potential customers more then ever, and the Brooklyn Pennysaver is helping them every step of the way. We are now accepting Sales Executive resumes and applications for aggressive, goal-oriented closers. Please contact us to setup a time to discuss...